Exchange Online

Keep an eye on your email wherever you are! Exchange Online provides the standard features of Exchange Server, including access to email, calendars, contacts and tasks from different devices. Get business messaging capabilities without the operational overload that comes from the software, releasing your IT resources for strategic use within the company.

Exchange Online Protection

Protects your email against spam and malware, and keeps access to email during and after emergencies. This tool provides a number of protection features that are implemented through a global network of data centers, which helps simplify the administration of your messaging environments.


  • Eliminates attacks (Virus)
  • Protects the company to be out of blacklists (SPAM Blacklist’s)
  • Protection against 100% of known viruses and 98% of SPAM
  • Administration through console via web page
  • Service reports


  • High global availability (99.999% of time)
  • Does not require hardware or software
  • Ready, easy, and quick solution with a simple change of MX domain

Migesa has the necessary experience, certifications, and qualified engineers to integrate the solution to your company.

Exchange Server 2013

Meet the services of Exchange Service and compare the advantages of having your email infrastructure On Premise or in the cloud.