You may wonder how Social Networks can transform the way to work. Yammer is a private social network that functions as a collaboration platform for companies. Yammer will allow you to be connected with every member of your organization and to know everything that is happening in the workplace. Share information, organize teams, develop projects and go further by forming groups where everyone can deliver their ideas.

Create business value from your social network

Team collaboration

Improve the alignment of your teams in projects and connect remote members. Teams need to be connected and learn from each other. Yammer improves team collaboration, stimulates creativity and facilitates decision-making.

“66 % of CIOs from the best organizations see collaboration as the key to generate innovation”. Yammer User Survey, 2010.

Greater commitment

Increase productivity of employees by making them feel more connected and engaged through a bidirectional communication. Personnel engagement is what distinguishes companies with greater performance. Yammer gives voice to each employee, as well as the tools and information they need to progress.

“Connected companies experience an 18% increase in productivity, 12% in profitability, and 51% less in the rate of labor turnover, compared with companies that are not.”
Gallup Consulting “Employee Engagement: What’s Your Engagement Ratio? 2008.

Connected organization

Promote corporate integration, improve the quality of traditional intranets, increase participation and feedback in your business applications by adding a social element.

“Companies are now investing in a new type of social intranet, one that is easy to use and gathers all employees and applications in one connected organization.” Yammer User Survey, 2010.

Business agility

Adapt better to changes and create a better business culture through open communication; overcome challenges and the complexity that represents corporate expansion.

“Yammer helps organizations accelerate innovation and adapt to change quickly, as well as to create a unified culture when two companies merge.” Yammer User Survey, 2010.

All on Yammer!

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