Migesa is the choice for companies seeking to shape the process of selecting, purchasing and managing software through the lifecycle of technology.
 Whether evaluating a product or integrating with legacy systems, it is necessary to understand the cost of acquiring the software.

Migesa offers advice to your organization to take advantage of volume licensing contracts, maintenance (Software Assurance) and product standardization with the goal of reducing costs of ownership and establish a simplified software management.

Through standardization, the company benefits from:

Reducing training costs

Reducing support costs

Effective assetmanagement

Increased savings through volume licensing schemes and centralized purchasing

The volume license contracts may be confusing in its terms and conditions, purchase options and products, and their reporting requirements and compliance with the lawful use of technology. Migesa can help make all this easier for the company.

Migesa will guide you through contracts interpretation, licensing implementation and scheduling of purchasing reports, additionally provide support before and after the sale, and keep up to date progress on the commitments made in the contract for maintaining the desired discount levels.

Practices and Challenges of Software Asset Management

MIGESA certified personnel looks to work with the company from an advisory perspective, analyzing the information and its internal processes to identify areas of opportunity or problems that are diagnosed, with the aim of helping them to implement business solutions and best practices to create continuous improvement in terms of asset management software. 

MIGESA can help answer the following questions in the organization:

  • What licensed software do I have?
  • What software do I have?
  • What is the difference between them?
  • How can I comply with the rights of software usage?
  • How can I stay legal and save money?

Migesa experts can help track and reconcile information from licensing contracts with software that is installed, and evaluate policies and procedures for information technology, to ensure you make the most of software investments.

Software Asset Administration

Software offer regarding to the delivery of license (“License Delivery”) and software delivery process has promised to the market simplify purchasing processes and facilitate the process of software use; However the reality is that managing this task within the organization has become increasingly complex and for a good reason: to provide the customer the option that best suits his business

Migesa offers a component-based service to help manage the procurement function of software assets:

Licenciamiento por volúmen de Microsoft