Microsoft’s WPC (Worldwide Partner Conference) took place in Orlando this past week. Members of our team in Migesa were there. We are glad to share some news and highlights we experienced during the event.


One of the presented innovations during the first day at Microsoft’s WPC was their new project called GigJam which has been created with the goal of reinventing businesses’ productivity and processing. In GigJam every member of each company will have a better access and managing of their information breaking barriers between devices and applications regarding colaboration. With this portal you will be able to share information about your specific business industry. You will also be capable of using SaaS apps. With applications like this efficiency in information search is a goal easier to achieve making information handling within the company improve more every time.

Cortana Analytics Suite

Another shared innovation from Microsoft is more focused on an analytic market and to strategic decision making. As we know Google Analytics helps create databases with information that can be transformed and analyzed to make smarter business decisions. However, Microsoft has created Cortana Analytics Suite. Cortana Analytics Suite is a technological infrastructure with perceptual intelligence that evolves data analysis within enterprises. The benefit of working with Cortana Analytics is the access you have to grand blocks of information and the opportunity it has to store masses of data in The Cloud. Some of the services that this program satisfies are the following: Business Scenarios, Personal Digital Assistant, Face recognition, Dashboards and visualizations, Machine Analysis, Machine Learning and processing for further events, Big Data Storage and Information Orchestration.

New for Dynamics NAV 2016


Windows 10

According to Microsoft News Windows will have the ability of using multiple desktops, screen divided in four and much more.


Microsoft Holo Lens

This was the demonstration that was used in WPC to show how Holo Lens works to improve team collaboration breaking space and distance communication barriers.


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